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Nutritional formulation with a nitrogen and phosphoric acid base making it possible to prevent (preventive action) or to correct (curative action) the nitrogen and phosphorus deficiencies of a biomass.

Nitrogen and phosphorus intervene in the various mechanisms that are indispensable
for bacterial life (structure, metabolism, growth, energy, etc.). They represent
a non-negligible percentage of bacterial life (N: 7 to 10% and P: 2 to 3%).

Generally, industrial wastewater has a composition in nutrients that is rarely balanced, and a correction for P and/or N content must often be carried out. The 100C/5N/1P theory can be used in most cases for activated sludge biological plants, by attached growth or by anaerobic treatments.

In terms of its formula, SOLUSTEP B6182 has a Nitrogen/Phosphorus ratio of about 5.

SOLUSTEP B6182 is an aqueous bio available solution that can be used pure or diluted, injection via feed pump, driven or not driven by the flow of your plant. The dosage depends on what your biomass needs in terms of phosphorus, consult our technical department in order to adapt it better.

SOLUSTEP B6182 is the ideal complement for the proper operation of your plant. If necessary, we can provide you with different concentrations according to your configuration (storage, flow, etc.). Please contact our technical or sales department.

Packaged in a full lorry in bulk (24 T) or semi-bulk (10-12 T) and in 1100 Kg IBC.

Delivery lead time: please contact our sales department.

Characteristics Units Values Limit values


2 ± 0.5

Density Kg/m3 1.17 ± 0.05

P2O5 % 7 ± 0.05

 N %17± 0.05

Application : Macro-Nutriment
Packaging : 1000/L/VRAC
Delivery : France/Export
Remark : Liquid

Solustep Range

+Phosphorus supply
+Nitrogen and phosphorus supply
+Carbon supply
+Supply of trace elements
+ 33(0)3 24 71 87 96   + 33(0)3 24 71 87 96