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Mode of action
is a concentrated product, composed of trace elements complexed by natural colloidal substances of plant origin, specially designed to favour and accelerate the development of microbic life in urban and industrial water treatment plants. Primarily designed for Anaerobic Digestion, SOLUSTEP B6410 catalyses enzymatic reactions such as that of WOOD for example.

SOLUSTEP B6410 provides for better operation of treatment plants and allows for improved output. It is an effective way to prevent or treat bulking.It allows installations, even undersized ones, to continue operating normally. For installations operating satisfactorily, its use guarantees substantial energy savings and increased purifying output.

Composition: Fe, Mg, Co, Ni, Mo, Mn, Ca, B, Se, W.

Appearance: brown liquid
Density: 1.15 to 1.2
Odour: organic
Ebullition  point: 6.5 to 7.5oC

The dosage of SOLUSTEP B6410 is to be adapted to each type of installation and must be determined according to the problems to be solved and the results that are sought. Our technical departments should therefore be consulted before using the product. Analysing methanogenic granules allows the dosage to be optimised. For the purposes of information, a maintenance dose comprised between 1 and 10 g/m3 of effluent is sufficient in most cases. “Shock” doses can contain up to 50 g/m3 of effluent.

is packaged in 20 Kg drums and 1100 Kg containers.

Refer to the safety data sheet

Application : Micro-Nutriment
Packaging : 1000/L/VRAC
Delivery : France/Export
Remark : Liquid

Solustep Range

+Phosphorus supply
+Nitrogen and phosphorus supply
+Carbon supply
+Supply of trace elements
+ 33(0)3 24 71 87 96   + 33(0)3 24 71 87 96