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Our Business

Our approach is based on technical expertise. We call this process ARM.

A: Audit
We carry out a full audit of the treatment plant in order to better understand our customer's immediate needs.
R: Recommend
We recommend a product or formula to optimize the operation of the biological station.
M: Monitor
We monitor using our SOLUSTEP process, consisting of:
- bacteria identification
- quantification via ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
- quantification of the C/N/P (carbon/nitrogen/phosphorous) ratio.

Our aim: to optimally meet our customers' needs by deploying our unique know-how and products.

Solustep Range

+Phosphorus supply
+Nitrogen and phosphorus supply
+Carbon supply
+Supply of trace elements
+ 33(0)3 24 71 87 96   + 33(0)3 24 71 87 96