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SOLUSTEP develops leading-edge products.

We aim to continually improve our products by remaining in direct contact with universities in order to initiate or take part in research programs. We innovate through our new formulas, specifically via carbon uptake and methanization.

Carbon uptake

During the denitrification process (transfer from nitrate to N2), there is a chance that insufficient quantities of organic carbon will be taken up to ensure good results. The uptake of a carbon source can be essential (SOLUSTEP B6370).


During the formation of methane, methanogenic bacteria -  characterized by the presence of coenzymes  - break down organic matter via anaerobic fermentation. These trace elements are essential to the growth of bacteria populations (SOLUSTEP B6400).

Solustep Range

+Phosphorus supply
+Nitrogen and phosphorus supply
+Carbon supply
+Supply of trace elements
+ 33(0)3 24 71 87 96   + 33(0)3 24 71 87 96