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The future of our planet depends on our environment. Water will be a 'key' element for future generations.

It is important to conserve our resources, to continue improving our wastewater treatment processes and to develop and explore avenues for progress in this area.

Conserving our resources

The unbridled use of natural resources (which will not last forever) is forcing us to change our behavior. SOLUSTEP, via its shareholder Prayon, efficiently exploits resources, specifically phosphorous deposits.

Our objective: to reduce the waste of core resources and become an ecologically responsible company.

Improving wastewater treatment

This policy consists of:
  • optimizing (if possible) the recycling rate of biological sludge
  • increasing (if possible) technical yield

Developing avenues for progress

Listening to you and being responsive to your needs by developing new formulas.

Solustep Range

+Phosphorus supply
+Nitrogen and phosphorus supply
+Carbon supply
+Supply of trace elements
+ 33(0)3 24 71 87 96   + 33(0)3 24 71 87 96